Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Jack is missing....

I remember the day that we brought him home-

A white fur puffball with little black inquisitive eyes and a tiny black nose, looking for all the world like a tiny seal pup.

We had just lost our other Great Pyrenees and in a quest to find a companion for our St Bernard, who was also a puppy at that time, we discovered Jack.

They truly loved each other, and would sleep, two big gentle giants filling the front hallway of our house, and play, like two enormous bears, chasing each other around the yard...

He has been a pillow for our kids, a protector of our sheep, a guardian of the house, and an amazing companion.

In short, everything that the breed aspires to be-

His soft fur has comforted hurting children that have come to our ranch, and his ferocious bark at night has kept the coyotes away from our horses.

He loved our cats, especially our big orange tom, who would sleep curled between his front legs, and perched on top of his fluffy back, sinking his claws in and out in rhythmic massage.

He had the funniest habit of goosing every visitor that came through the entrance--

He did this because, every time, without fail, they would give an "OOOH" and reach down and pet him--

What a better way to train a dog?

We didn't stop him because, frankly, it was pretty humorous and became our private joke...

On a hot, sunny day in July, he patiently helped his little buddy win a ribbon in the pet show at the local fair.

He sat up every night outside, strategically positioned to watch every entrance, so that he could keep his family safe.

He slept all day in the cool green grass in the yard, or buried in the soft dirt under a bush, resting up for the next night's work--

In the coolness of the evening, as we sat on the front porch, he would sit in regal splendor, his beautiful white coat highlighted against the deep green of the front yard.

We miss you Jack--
We pray that somehow, in the miles of the prairie grasslands, you will find your way home--


  1. I hope by the time you read this Jack has found his way home. It is like losing a member of the family when a pet is missing. Hope he returns quickly to your loving family.

  2. Praying that Jack finds his way home...

  3. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that Jack is missing. Our family had a dear Great Pyrenees many years ago and, like Jack, he was a wonderful friend. I am praying tonight that Jack will find his way home to you.


  4. What a beautiful dog, I hope Jack comes home soon!