Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to Prairie Perspective

Two and half years ago, we moved from rural mountain life to plains of rural America.

This is big sky country. Where your closest neighbor is 8 miles down the road. Your town has a cafe and a liquor store but no stoplight. Friday night football games under the lights are well attended but Sunday morning services are not. The local town fair quadruples the town's population overnight. Gunshots are a regular occurence but the turf war is over prairie dogs and rattlesnakes, not gangs and drug sales. The highway department is in charge of putting the neighbor's cows back in when they wander onto the roads. The only thing needed to mail a letter is first and last name and a stamp-sometimes even just the last name works.

This is the heartland of USA-where agriculture is king and Americans food is grown and raised. A land of cattle and combines, horses and harrows, family and friends.

This is our life- Enjoy a taste of the prairie!

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